Travel and Accommodation


Booking ahead for travel is likely to give you the best prices. Some useful advice on securing the best options can be found here


The nearest international airport is Gatwick and there are good travel options for getting to Arundel either via road or train.

During the day there are on average two trains an hour linking the two with the journey taking around an hour.

Driving from Gatwick would take you through the lovely Sussex countryside (and possibly Crawley, sorry about that) leading you onto the A27 that links Worthing to Chichester and therein Arundel. The journey should also take around an hour.

If you prefer to travel by coach then there are options, however the journey is likely to take considerably longer.


Arundel train station is situated 0.6 miles (1 km) from the centre of the town and 0.4 miles (0.6 km) from the nearest Premiere Inn.


Castle Cars
Phone: (44) 1903 884444



Arundel is a small town and so accommodation options are limited. Here are a selection for you to consider.


The Arundel Premier Inn
Phone: (44) 871 527 8022
his hotel is a 5 minute drive from the barn. We are holding 15 rooms and they each have two beds so you can share with a friend (if you want – you don’t have to!). Please contact us for a booking details.

Please note that  until Tuesday the 21st of August we have a pool of rooms reserved for this event at £109.99 per night, after that they are released back for general booking.

Comfort Inn Arundel
Phone: (44) 1903 840840
About 6 minutes away by car.

Swan Hotel
Phone(44) 1903 882314

Other options

Do make sure that the options offered are within easy distance of the venue and Arundel town.

N.B.: We have no affiliation to the providers listed on this page. They are just suggestions of possible suppliers.