Equipment and health & safety

All participants must have active and adequate personal insurance in place.

You will need to bring your own equipment.  There are no tournaments at SSA 21 but workshops and sparring will involve contact so at a minimum you must have:

  • an FIE mask, minimum 350N rating
  • a HEMA or sports fencing jacket, minimum 350N rating. Must have blade catcher at the neck.
  • gloves that are suited to the weapon you are using (smallsword will require something different to longsword, for example)
  • breeches with long socks to cover the whole leg and knee, or well-fitted trousers that cover the leg
  • suitable footwear. For example sports fencing trainers or other shoes with support for the ankle and heel. Not boots
  • a weapon for the workshops you’re taking. Weapons will be inspected for safety before workshops start

Participants are responsible for their own equipment so you may want to bring extra items to fence comfortably and safely. For example:

  • limbs: knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, grieves
  • torso and head: plastron, chest protector, mask overlay, back-of-head protection
  • other items: gorget, cup, skirt, finger protectors

All equipment must be in good condition. We reserve the right to stop any activity that we think is unsafe because of conduct or kit.

A limited amount of loaner weapons, may be available, but first come first served and it must be returned after each session to return to circulation.

If you have any questions or comments about equipment and health & safety, please contact