Workshop/demonstration – SSA instructors

Workshop/demonstration – SSA instructors

Getting an Angle on the SSA


This hands-on demonstration and workshop will look at the development and future of the SSA’s weapon systems through the single lens of angulation and placement.

Over the course of the event the SSA instructors will demonstrate how they develop and teach an understanding of their martial systems through focussing on one of the fundamental principles of the art.

It is natural that each weapon dictates how it should be used and it is also natural that each instructor brings with them their own character and understanding of the weapon and how it should be taught, but this series will demonstrate to the participants that, when the principles are followed, the commonalities are overwhelming. The reason for this being that, even as Johnny Nash sang, ‘There are more questions than answers,’ the fact is that there is only one truth.

These sessions will be invaluable not only for gaining an insight into how the SSA gains its technicality, but also will provide an overview of the evolution of the SSA and how to develop lessons in different weapon forms.