Instructor – SSA instructors

Instructor – SSA instructors

Duncan Fatz, Rapier

Duncan’s first experience of fencing was at the age of 15 when he undertook intense private tuition in sports epee, but his first involvement with European martial arts wasn’t until 1993 when he began medieval armoured tournament fighting and was in part taught by members of the serving military.

A founder member of the SSA (the SRS as was) in 1997, Duncan was accredited as an instructor of European martial arts in 2001 and has since taught extensively throughout the UK, on the continent and in the USA. He has also given talks and demonstrations at venues including the Leeds Armouries, The Wallace Collection, The National Army Museum and has appeared on stage, television and film in such productions as King Arthur and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.


Lyell Drummond, Broadsword and Longsword

Lyell studied foil, epee and sabre under the Goodhalls (Angela Goodhall is one of only two women coaching in the UK to hold the ancient title of ‘Professor’, which is the highest level of coaching qualification available). Lyell developed his system of SSA Highland Basket Hilted Broadsword based on his academic studies, 20+years of fencing experience and exposure to many instructors of note from home and abroad

Teaching classes in his preferred weapon of choice the Basket Hilted Broadsword, Broadsword and Dirk, Broadsword and Targe , singlestick and also classes in longsword, Lyell has been invited to teach by the British Federation of Historical Swordplay, in Italy by FISAS, in Spain by the AEEA and in Malta by the MHFA. He has also held workshops in Aberdeen Glasgow, Hamburg and Dublin.


Cameron Paine, Unarmed

Cameron has been a member of the SSA (formally the Sussex Rapier School) since 2004 and during his time there he has studied rapier, broadsword and longsword, becoming an assistant instructor in broadsword in 2013. Whilst he has tried other self defence systems, it is in fencing that he found both understanding of martial arts and also a way to pursue them. Cameron has assisted in teaching broadsword classes in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Malta